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Roof cleaning local service in Southwark

Roof moss is a common problem of homes in England. It brings a lot of inconvenience because moss not only spoils the aesthetics and the appearance of the building, but also damages its material. In 4 years, the roof can be seriously damaged and then its entire replacement is necessary. It will cost a bundle, won 't it?

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Our company is a local service company in Southwark, carrying out roof cleaning and repairs. We perform washing, treatment and maintenance of roofs.

Our services include:

We can get to anywhere in Southwark. Please, fill in our application form if you have a need in roof repair. We will contact you and discuss all details.

Why you need to clean the roof

There may be several reasons why moss grows on the roof:

  1. Tightness of roof joints is damaged.
  2. Accumulation of steam inside the house due to the lack of its exit.
  3. Sunlight doesn`t reach the roof. Due to the large amount of moisture, moss growth is inevitable.

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These are the side effects of moss growth and its untimely elimination:

A team of professionals from Southwark will restore the roof of the house, clean tiles and cement, repair and replace broken tiles.

We will save your budget and extend the life of the roof of your home!

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