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Roof cleaning local service in Lambeth

We are professional roof cleaning and moss removal service in Lambeth. We offer maintenance, including washing and surface treatment, as well as removing moss, dirt and algae from the roof accumulated after poor weather and damp.

In order to carry out our work in the best way we use only modern and effective methods of cleaning: jet and pressure washing. They are absolutely safe for the roof tiles

Roof cleaning must be done only by professionals. Don`t try to clean your roof by yourself because it`s dangerous!

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Our local service in Lambeth offers:

Why it is important to remove dirt, moss and algae from the roofs in London

High humidity in the country makes it easy for dirt, moss and algae to accumulate on the rooftops, which not only ruins the aesthetic view of the house, but also becomes detrimental to the residents` health as they breath in the spores of harmful fungi. In addition, moss and algae gradually destroy the surface of the roofs, leading to the formation of cracks in the tiles. Water gets into the house through small holes, destroying rafters and planks as it flows along the walls of the house. The malfunctions in the drainage system lead to overflow of the gutters and drainage of water not through pipes, but along the walls. As a result, the house slowly collapses inside and out. The walls turn black; mold and fungus appear and cause harm to human health, leading to numerous diseases of the human respiratory system.

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