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Roof cleaning local service in Kingston upon Thames

Our company specialises in a local professional roof cleaning service in Kingston upon Thames. Over time moss can overgrow on the roof of a building, and/or the roof itself may become dirty with other various substances. We offer gentle cleaning of the roofs and take care of the area around the house - we use а net and а tarp during the work to prevent contamination of the surrounding territory.

Our cleaning methods include jet and pressure washing. Both of them are very effective and absolutely safe, because our high-skilled cleaners control every stage of roof cleaning. Don`t try to remove all the dirt by yourself! It`s very dangerous and you are likely to damage roof tiles.

A team of professionals from Kingston upon Thames will restore and clean the roof of your house, clean tiles and cement, repair and replace broken tiles.

We will save your budget and extend the life of the roof of your home!

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Our staff do their work responsibly, so the roof cleaning consists of several phases:

Comprehensive inspection of the roof, gutters and chimney for defects. All defect records are taken.

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Why it is necessary to clean the roof from moss

The climate is quite humid in Kingston upon Thames so moss often grows on the roof. Because of it not only house appearance becomes unattractive, but it also leads to the early tiles damage. The rafters and other elements of the roof become damaged over time because of the regular accumulation of moisture in the house. Moreover, moss prevents the normal flow of water from the roof, and this is what makes the moisture get inside the house, which in turn, negatively affects the health of the house residents. To protect yourself from the mold in your house, you have to heat the house more intensively and take on the extra expense.

Our company in Kingston upon Thames extends the life of the roof and provides an aesthetic appearance of the roof throughout its lifespan.

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