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Roof cleaning Greenwich local service

We are a professional roof cleaning company in Greenwich. We carry out washing and technical service of roofs. We specialise in jet roof cleaning and help to get rid of algae, dirt and moss.

At first, we create protection from dirt for the area around the house, using tarpaulin and mesh. When removing moss from the roof, we begin with the highest roof ridge and clean each tile.

We use an antifungal spray and a special anti-moss agent on tiles to prevent further spread of moss, algae and lichen. We also replace or repair every damaged, broken or cracked tile. If necessary, we apply a colour coating on the roof to provide long-term protection against bad weather.

We will fully check the entire roof, chimney, slopes, fascia and gutter for faults. If any defect that requires repair is detected, our specialists can dispose it on your order in Greenwich.

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Why it is necessary to clean the roof from mud and moss in Greenwich

In the weather conditions of Britain moss is common on any roof. However, it is aesthetically unattractive and leads to the gradual destruction of the whole house, causing substantial damage to health. Due to the growth of moss on the tile joints and the obstruction of water flow, moisture penetrates the building. Because of the frequent damage to the membrane or felt, water enters the house. This leads to the decay of carnal board and slings. As a result, the drain fastener parts are destroyed. Ultimately, water flows through the walls of the house.

Harmful fungus begins to grow, which also leads to darkening and destruction of walls. This, in turn, causes high humidity and makes it necessary to use heating more frequently to dry the house.

Our local service in Greenwich will save you money, perfectly clean the moss and dirt from the roof, and extend its service life for many years.

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Whatever problems with your roof are TopGutters has the solution. We are one of the best professionals in roof cleaning in Greenwich and we provide a great range of cleaning services to make your life easier and happier. If you have such a roof restoration, the appearance of the whole house will be totally transformed and will add value to your property.

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