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Roof cleaning local services in Bromley

A local professional roof cleaning service in Bromley: washing, treatment and maintenance.

We specialise in jet wash roof cleaning and removing moss, dirt and algae.

The key roof cleaning services we provide are:

We offer a full inspection for any fault of your entire roof and chimney, fascia, soffits and gutter system. If we discover any fault in need of repair then we can also provide a quotation for carrying out the service on your request.

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Why is it important to clean the roof from moss and dirt?

Moss in England often appears on the roof, which is not only aesthetically unattractive, but also gradually destroys your home and is very harmful to your health.

Due to the fact that moss grows at the joints of tiles and prevents the normal flow of water, moisture gets inside. Because felt or membrane is often damaged and has holes, water gets directly into the house. As a result, the rafters and the cornice board (fascia board) begin to rot. Furthermore, the drain fasteners (brackets of gutters) fall out. As water accumulates on the walls of the house (gutter overflow), moisture penetrates through the walls into the house.

Harmful fungus begins to grow, which further blackens and destroys the walls of the house.

All these lead to a high level of humidity and the need to use heating more often to dry the house.

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