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Roof cleaning local service in Bexley

We are a local professional service company in Bexley that cleans any type of roof and removes moss, dirt and other vegetation. We perform a roof inspection and if necessary, we carry out repairs and/or replacements of the damaged elements and parts of the drain. We use modern equipment, reagents and the most effective type of roof cleaning - jet washing.
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How is the roof cleaning in Bexley carried out?

Roof cleaning in Bexley is carried out with using special tools that kill moss. We use antifungicides that are applied to roofing materials and gutters. Such products prevent the formation of lichen, moss and other vegetation for a long time.

Our masters inspect the roof and chimney, and if necessary, apply a coloured protective coating to the tiles. It is necessary to repair the roof and remove vegetation at least once a year. Moss and dirt on the roof do not look attractive and destroy its elements gradually. Rafters, mauerlat and windshield begin to rot, and drainage fasteners start to deteriorate. Furthermore, the water does not flow freely as a result of the clogged gutters, and it starts flowing along the walls of the building. From there moisture gets into the room, causing fungus, mold and dirt. It is also likely to lead to destruction of masonry and walling. Due to the high humidity in the rooms, it becomes mandatory to turn on the heating more often. When ordering cleaning roof services in Bexley you can considerably extend the life of all roof elements so that they can function normally.

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The advantages of ordering our roof cleaning service:

The cost of our work is not high, and the results are outstanding. The price of the service depends on the size of the roof and the cost of the materials that need to be replaced. It is guaranteed that the area around the building will not be contaminated. Work is performed at time convenient for the client. Climbing equipment is used to ensure the complete safety of the masters. All dangerous areas will be fenced. The process is safe for passers-by, inhabitants of the house and their property. Contact our company for roof cleaning and repair in Bexley!

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